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The Story of Murgerbon
About Murgerbon Our overall business activities such as R&D,
marketing, and customer service are to achieve the core element
of objective, consumer satisfaction.
We believe that providing safe food is the foremost way to gratify
the demands of customers, thus, we adopted HACCP system to our products.
Murgerbon achieved HACCP certificate
since 2013 to establish the foundation of
food safety
in the company.
Murgerbon is willing to pursue the highest level of food safety management.

Regarding the recent issues about foreign substances, We are currently implementing foreign
substances diminution campaign
to accomplish ‘Zero’ foreign substances in all products from Murgerbon.
On the scale of the whole company, we organized a task force team and devised long-term plans for this campaign.
To supply safer products to customers, cutting edge equipment are utilized to control foreign matters like
a high-frequency metal detector, x-ray foreign body detector, Magnetic separator, grain color sorter, etc.

Also, preventive monitoring for the pathogen, pesticide residue,
antibiotic, heavy metal, etc. is periodically performed to secure food safety.
What is HACCP
(Hazard Analysis
Critical Control
HACCP(hæsʌp) is food safety control standards adopted in South Korea in December 1995.
HACCP is the preventive food safety management structure that identifies and eliminates
potential hazard throughout the production process from the purchase of ingredients to
the final sale in order to provide healthy food the consumers.
Hazard Analysis &
Critical Control Point

Investigate the factors possible to happen
in each stage from raw materials through
the stages of manufacture, processing,
preservation, distribution, and
cooking to consumers’ intake.

Important Control Point

Secure the food safety by
the self-regulating, systematic,
and effective management with critical
control point determined.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety
from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes.
Especially, HACCP system analyzes and prevents any factors of hazards during manufacturing.
It’s one of the most effective and efficient food safety control system.
Therefore, the U.S, Japan, E.U, International organizations such as Codex, WHO, FAO), etc.
recommend the adoption of HACCP on every food product.


Murgerbon utilizes impeccable raw material screening, automated sterile packaging equipment, metal detector,
a x-ray detector, etc. to prevent hazards from the whole processes of food manufacturing.

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